About Radical Dynamics

The first automated, push-button power-rack for wakeboards and waterskis.

About Radical Dynamics

The first automated, push-button power-rack for wakeboards and waterskis.

What is Radical Dynamics?

Radical Dynamics is here. And our name says it all. We are a subsidiary company spawned from the creation of the Rad Rack Power Swivel , backed and led by our family owned and operated company, LeClaire Manufacturing . with a history of manufacturing excellence and radical innovation. We are based in Bettendorf, Iowa and lead an industry leading manufacturing company.  Utilizing our engineering prowess combined with our leisure practices, we created Radical Dynamics to focus on the niche market of boating and watersports. We love the water. We love innovation and creating, that’s where the Rad Rack Power Swivel was created. The Rad Rack Power Swivel is the first patented (patent indexing thru google link), automated rack that makes it easy to put your wakeboard in and out of the water, while avoiding potential catastrophes. The dangers of leaving your wings out or injuring someone on the dock are now gone. Our history is rich, and our innovations run deep, our passions keep moving us forward.

An Idea is Born

Every towboat owner has done it.  Picture yourself on vacation, your wife or buddy backed your boat into the water and you’re free floating from the trailer.  Before you launched your boat, you loaded your gear up on your board racks, double checked that there’s enough towels in the boat, and spot checked that of your lake toys are on board and stored away.  You even managed to remember the bilge plug through all the chaos of a mental checklist, victory.

Now comes the fun part, going to your resort’s dock to find the slip that will be your boat’s home during your week-long lake vacation.  That glorious covered slip you rented is in sight, and you focus on lining the boat up for a perfect approach.  Fenders are already out, and time to park the boat.  On your way in, you successfully dodge the pontoon boat that’s about 6 inches away from your slip, and get the bow in straight while bumping the throttle.  You get a few feet further in, and then it happens…

Your surfboard snags the boat slip’s roof support pole on the port side of your boat, and pulls you sideways.  Shortly after your wakeboard and slalom ski snag the starboard side support pole.  You quickly throw the boat in reverse to back the boards and skis off the support poles and now are doing the sideways reverse act that towboats do with the lack of any steering in reverse.  In your chaotic attempt to gain control of the situation, you jump out of your trusty captain’s chair with the intention of pulling the pin on your racks to swing those boards in thinking to yourself how nice it would be to have your experienced helper on board to do this while you concentrate on driving the boat.

Meanwhile, you forgot to put the boat back into neutral, and your swim deck is now on a direct collision course with that pontoon boat you successfully dodged when things were going so smoothly.  Now you must leave the racks swinging in the breeze to drive the boat again and get things settled down.  Again, your mind goes to how great it would be to have your buddy on board to handle this stuff for you.  Once you finally get the boat to stop, get your racks swung inside the boat again, and get yourself back in the captain’s chair, you take a second run at all of this, hoping nobody watched the show you just put on from the dockside restaurant you just realized was about 50 feet away from you this whole time.

Isn’t there an easier way?  Yes, there is.

The story above is 100% true.  It happened at Bull Shoals Lake in Northern Missouri.  Theodosia Marina to be exact, and at that moment I thought to myself, “man, it would have been really nice to push a button and have those racks swing in”.  And that’s how it all started.  That was 4 years ago, Memorial Day weekend of 2014, and today we can successfully say that with the help of many, we created a product that does just that.  Taking a manual process and automating it to perform the same activity from the comfort of your driver’s seat.  No more getting up to swing board racks in, no more inexperienced tag along friends trying to accomplish the task but being unable to do so.  Just hit a button, and watch your boards swing to the inward position without even standing up.

Thru 3 years of engineering development, trial and error, failure testing, cycle testing, sourcing validation and many other hurdles, we’ve developed a made in the USA product that we’re proud to bring to market.

Thru the process, we realized there were many other scenarios where a spinning rack would be greatly helpful to a boat owner.  For example, backing into a garage.  Now you just push a button on a key fob and swing the racks in remotely from your truck.  No more getting out if you forget to do so.  Driving down the highway and realize your racks are hanging outward?  Just push that button on your key fob again, and spin the racks around to the correct position (not recommended for use on roads).  Ever pulled up to tie up to your buddy’s boat at the sand bar, and must stop mid-tie up to swing your racks in?  Now it’s just a quick button press and you won’t be slamming your boards into your buddy’s tower that you park next to.

This product makes life more convenient, and increases safety now that everyone can stay seated during docking situations.  No more scrambling around the boat for a task forgotten on many occasions.  We are in conversation and negotiation with market leading OEM’s to bring these to you in coming model year boats!  Innovation is a key to boat manufacturers when competing for market share.  Everyone wants to have the newest and greatest.  If you’re not innovative, you get left behind.

BoatingIndustry.com published an article on September 19, 2017 titled, “The tow boat category continues to post year-over-year sales growth” in which they state:

Innovation – always a category strength – is widely seen as representing the key to future opportunities. As tow boats grow increasingly complex, making them easier to use becomes more important than ever. Whether it’s automated systems to help operators get just the right wake, or refined control systems that make tow boats easier to drive and dock, innovation will remain a key to earning market share.”

We applied for a utility patent in June of 2017, and received notice that all claims had been approved as of a August 2018.

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